Bathroom Refurbishment

Bathroom Refurbishment

Bathroom /Home Improvements

When it comes to creating a bathroom you love, you don’t have to start from scratch. For this client’s bathroom, the previous facilities were in good shape and didn’t need to be replaced, so we didn’t!

We created the rest of the bathroom to suit the facilities, making the refurbishment more affordable and far quicker whilst giving the same result as a completely new fit.

The previous design was dated and our client wanted a more modern, minimal look. This is why we went with the white colour scheme – which also creates the appearance of a larger, brighter room -and the black accents – which prevent it from being too plain.

We re-tiled the whole bathroom, as well as placing a new board on the side of the bath, re-painting the window and fitting a new, more efficient shower. The outcome of this was to bring the whole room up-to-date and looking fresh.