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You must be thinking about getting a new kitchen fitted, or maybe you’ve noticed something wrong with your roof and want to do some work on that. How do we know? Well, why else would you be here? Don’t worry, you’ve landed in the right place and we will take you through the process entirely. When choosing the right >em>builder in Beaconsfield, it’s important to do your research on the local companies.

Throughout the planning phase of your project we work heavily along-side you. If you have plans already, we will look them over and ask you any questions we need to know. If you haven’t got your plans set out already, don’t worry, our in-house building consultant can help you.

As a family-run business, we have collectively learned our tricks of the trade from passed-down knowledge With over 65 years worth of industry knowledge, we take sheer pride in our knowledge and abilities.

Your ideas are important and it's important to choose the best building company available that you can find.


Building Services in Beaconsfield

At the starting phase, our team spends the time going through the planning and design process with you, together. If your plans have already been finished and you’d like us to go ahead and work on them for you, fantastic; we can move on, but if you feel like you could benefit from our in-house building consultant you can do so at any time, they are there to assist you in any way. 

It’s unfortunate that there’s a lot of people throughout the entirety of the UK that keep giving building services a bad name, through the use of shoddy work, poor management and lack of communication. This is what leads to some of you being very cautious who you work with, and we really don’t blame you for feeling this way. However, you can relax knowing that MT Construction will handle your project with a manner of professionalism and morals, we even tidy up after ourselves! Putting your mind at peace while we work on what you need done.

We here at MT Construction have proof of our abilities through our past experiences and projects. Our clients love us, and we love them – building other people’s dreams is our biggest passion.

Construction Design & Planning

Construction Design & Planning

Improvements & Refurbishments at Home

Improvements & Refurbishments at Home

Home Extensions

Home Extensions

Bathrooms & Kitchen Space

Bathrooms & Kitchen Space

Complete New Builds

Complete New Builds

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When your plans have been confirmed and set-in-stone, our main project manager takes your project through multiple other stages involved in the project and schedule when the work will begin will follow. Our team will also handle the application of permits if applicable.

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Home extension builders & house extensions in Beaconsfield

We don’t only offer full home builds – we offer a variety of other services to the residents of Beaconsfield. If you aren’t wanting a full home being built, you might feel an extension to your living space might be more beneficial. Growing families demand more room, more space for making memories. So rather than buying a new house and relocating, contact our team for assistance.

Home & House Builders in Beaconsfield

When foundations are built and work is nearing completion, our professional builders go ahead and move their priorities onto the next phase, which involves the first fix of the project. During the first fix stage, we focus entirely on the work that’s required to bring your home to life a bit more, from foundations to having internal room walls all ready for our plastering team.

Just to give you a little bit more background and insight into the first fix phase, this is where we undertake tasks such as the construction of flooring, walls and ceiling. Our electricians take over and begin laying the cabling around the home safely and plumbers perform their necessary tasks.

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Professional builders in Beaconsfield

Our professional builders in Beaconsfield continue their tasks until we approach the second fix phase of development. This term refers to the process of finishing things off with a greater and much neater finish.

For more insight, our builders fit the doors perfectly into their frames and plasterers go over the walls again and neaten things up. Our plumbing team will come in and connect up the bathroom fittings and kitchen fittings

Recommended Builders Beaconsfield

We here at MT Construction are proud to be considered among the top building companies in Beaconsfield – this comes directly from our previous and current clients. We ensure your project is completed in a timely manner with the highest quality of standards.

We also take into consideration your daily activities and life and plan our working hours accordingly to ensure we don’t interfere with your quality of life in any way. We work with you whenever and wherever possible to fit your project around your current life commitments.

There’s plenty of builders across the UK who are dishonest. We’ll say it because it’s been proven to be true and it has given genuine building companies a bad name nationwide. Our builders in Beaconsfield take care in your home, and by default, we have measures in place all of our team follow, in order to keep your flooring, wall space, furniture and every other belonging safe.

Builders in Beaconsfield Area

Not everyone wants an entire home build, some just want something to grant them more space. We can offer you services like this. For example, we have loft conversions, kitchen fittings and bathroom fittings. We offer extensions and garage conversions too. If you’re looking for improvement on space – we can transform your loft area into a secluded spot, maybe a man-cave? Or a guest bedroom? The choice is up to you. Through converting your loft, you’re left with an influx of excess space in your home.

So, all you need to think about is whether you’re going to use it as an office, an additional bedroom, a playroom for the children or simply a quiet space for you to go to get a break from the stresses of family life, your possibilities are endless. 

Loft conversions are a cost-effective solution to creating more space, while creating space you increase your properties overall value with minimal effort too. We offer one of the best loft conversion services available in the Beaconsfield area.

Get in touch with us today and let’s get started on unleashing the potential of your property.

Best Builders in Beaconsfield

Our company is recognised in the area as one of the most trustworthy developers, this is all thanks to the work we have already completed and the customer feedback we’ve had already. We are known to be reliable, effective and efficient with our work.

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