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Have you spent countless hours searching Google for a reliable and trusted building company? Feel close to giving up the hunt? Don’t. We might just be the company you’ve been searching for. Our builders in Gerrards Cross service are available for anyone in the Gerrards Cross area. On this page we run you through the process you would go through should you hire us for your project.

First and foremost, if you haven’t got anything particular in mind we can help you decide what your home could benefit from having done, whether this is a roof fitting, bathroom fitting or entirely new home build. Our team runs you through the planning process thoroughly prior to any work being done.

We’re a family of builders and collectively we’ve amassed 65 years worth of industry knowledge. We take our knowledge and constantly change and adapt – passing our knowledge onto our team to give you an astounding service,

Just a quick phone call to begin turning your ideas into a reality today.


Building Services in Gerrards Cross

Starting off your project, our team begins to spend a great deal of time going through the planning and design stage of development with you, helping to establish any potential problems or pitfalls. If you feel that your project could benefit from the use of our in-house architect, this can be arranged for you. 

Our work is our legacy, it’s proof that we have to show how effective and reliable we are as a building service. After working with us, we hope to leave you feeling fulfilled and add you to our ever long list of happy clients.

Construction Design & Planning

Construction Design & Planning

We can mould your detailed construction blueprints for your project with the assistance of an architect we have working in-house. Renowned for their innovate and intelligent solutions for building space that fits comfortably.

Improvements & Refurbishments at Home

Improvements & Refurbishments at Home

"Home is where the heart is" is what they all say and our team of builders just love all projects, big or small. With your input, we can alter the appearance, functionality and overall feel of your home.

Home Extensions

Home Extensions

Feel like you're running out of space in your home? Our team can help you with that. Our contractors in Cookham can assist you to achieve the space you need, without having to relocate.

Bathrooms & Kitchen Space

Bathrooms & Kitchen Space

You can upgrade your living spaces with a simple refit; our team can entirely strip out your old bathroom or kitchen space and build you a new one that's designed with your needs in mind.

Complete New Builds

Complete New Builds

If you're looking for a new build then our team of builders here at MT Construction Ltd have the knowledge, ability and tools to plan, design & build your home from the ground up.

If you're in the Cookham area and you need a professional team of builders you can trust to carry out your project, then click here to get in touch

Building Company in Gerrards Cross

Upon signing-off on our architects’ plans (not applicable if you already had plans prepared prior), our project leader will then begin to move your project through the other phases required. Once this is completed, we will be able to schedule with you a day and time to begin the work.

Your property has more potential than you could possibly imagine. Get in touch with us today and we can help your home attain its true beauty.

Home extension builders & house extensions in Gerrards Cross

If you don’t require a home build and only really wish for a little extra space, then our builders in Gerrards Cross can extend to you their home extension service. An extension on your home could prove to be the wisest decision you make, depending on your circumstances.

If you have an ever-growing family that now requires a lot of new space, or a new bedroom entirely then maybe a loft conversion or house extension could be fitting for you. There’s no need to relocate, why get involved in that tedious task when you probably have a perfect home there, that with a little bit of a budget could be transformed forever.

Home & House Builders in Gerrards Cross

After the foundations have been established and you are comfortable with the work, our team of reliable builders then moves ahead and gets to work on the first fix. The first fix is where we build up the walls, raise the ceilings and lay down the floorings in each room. Alongside the builders, our electricians will be seen wiring all of the important electrics into your home. This is where you start to see the change happening bit by bit.

Get in touch with us today and let’s get started on unleashing the potential of your property.

Professional builders in Gerrards Cross

Once the first fix stage of the project is completed we move onto the second fix. The second fix comprises of all the work considered to be done after the plastering of a finished house build, the electrical fixtures are then connected up to the cables. Sinks and baths are connected to the pipes and then the doors are fitted flush into doorframes. This phase requires a much neater finish than the first fix.

Some of the things that this phase includes are the construction of the walls, construction of the floors and construction of the ceilings. Our electricians then work on the electrical cabling around the house, ensuring a safe supply and plumbers will fit the necessary piping work.

Now that you begin to see your project finally coming together nicely and taking great shape, our builders move onto the second fix part of development. During this, we add the finer touches to the work done in the first fix, fitting doors flush into their respective frames, plumbers and electricians working alongside our builders to perform the routine work on bathrooms, kitchens and lighting around your home. All aspects from the first fix now have a neater finish.

Get in touch with us today and let’s get started on unleashing the potential of your property.

Recommended Builders Gerrards Cross

MT Construction is very proud to be considered by the residents in the area as one of the best companies in Gerrards Cross. We’re proud of our work and can guarantee that you will be too once your project is finished in the highest quality. Your project couldn’t be in safer hands with us and we will complete everything in a timely manner, sharing with you the details of our progress as it happens. 

You can also rest assured that our work will not interfere with your daily lifestyle or activities. Disturbances will be minimal and whenever possible, we will work around your daily schedule and work when you find it best to be done.

Builders in Gerrards Cross Area

We realise that not everyone who lands on this page will want an entirely new house built for them. Some residents in the area may just want more space in their home, or a new kitchen fitted. This is where our other services come in handy for you. Just reach out and contact us and we can see what can be done for your home or project.

Get in touch with us today and let’s get started on unleashing the potential of your property.

Best Builders in Gerrards Cross

We pride ourselves on our customers’ comments of our work and we hope for your feedback and your project to be among that list of our work we’re proud of. MT Construction will always give you nothing except great communication, high reliability and quality above and beyond the standard.

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