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So, have you finally decided that you want a new kitchen? Or maybe your roof may need some more attention? Then you came to the right page. Choosing the builders in Windsor that you’re going to put your trust and faith into shouldn’t have to be such a daunting task, and it shouldn’t be the cause of a lot of stress.

If you’re not sure how you want your construction project to proceed and reach out to us, one of our admin team will talk to you and learn about you, the project and your wants/needs. If you already have your idea in mind and on paper, our team will work alongside you to get it done.

Building Services in Windsor

So, to start with, we’re going through the planning and design process together. As mentioned, if you already have plans that’s fantastic, we can go ahead and move on, but if you feel you need to make adjustments to your project, we’ll be helping you with our in-house building consultant. Our consultant is astute to find out where space or changes can be made.

When you’re looking for a builder to take on the task of your project, you want a builder you can trust, someone who’s going to get the job done whatever it takes. We can assure you that MT Construction will always keep you updated during the entire project from start to finish. After all, we’re working with you, not the other way around.

Here at MT Construction, we believe that the performance, durability and reliability of any homebuilder in Windsor is based entirely on the basis of the work and projects we have already completed to the highest standards. Here’s a list of the services that we have to offer and the projects that we already have.

Construction Design & Planning

Construction Design & Planning

Improvements & Refurbishments at Home

Improvements & Refurbishments at Home

Home Extensions

Home Extensions

Bathrooms & Kitchen Space

Bathrooms & Kitchen Space

Complete New Builds

Complete New Builds

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Building Company in Windsor

Once you have finalised your plans with our building consultant, our project manager will take the project through the rest of the stages. Next is to plan for when construction work can begin, along with applying for the requisite permits if applicable. We supply all supplies, furniture and fixtures without a big hole in your pocket, provide affordable prices and value your feedback during the project.

Your property has more potential than you might have imagined. Get in touch with us today and we can help you make your home truly beautiful.

Home extension builders & House Extensions in Windsor

It’s not just full house builds we offer, we also offer house/home extensions to the area. If you feel like your family is growing too quickly, but don’t want the headache of relocating this could be the solution you need. We have a plethora of experience when it comes to home extensions and we could change your current home, moulding it into a spacious house through the use of innovative designs and planning. No matter what age your present home is, or condition, we can adapt and make the perfect expansion for it.

Get in touch with us today and let’s get started on unleashing the potential of your property.

Home & House Builders in Windsor

When all the work has been completed on the base of your new home project, our experienced builders will move on to the first step of project creation. This step focuses on all the work that is needed to take your project out of a base, to get the interior walls of the room ready for plastering.

Any of the aspects that this process involves are the building of walls, the building of floors and the construction of ceilings. Our electricians then work on the electrical wiring around the building, ensuring a secure supply, and the plumbers fit the requisite pipework.

Professional builders in Windsor

This is the part that really gives life to your project , our team is moving on to the second fix. No, this doesn’t mean that we’re correcting errors, it’s just the word used for the stage in the process where we’re working on giving the project a much cleaner finish.

This is the stage where our builders will fit the doors flush into their respective frames, the plasterers will clean up the walls, our electricians will fit and connect the fixtures, and our plumbers will connect the sinks and the baths. We’re going to get a team of painters to bring life and lust to your home.

Recommended Builders in Windsor

We’re proud to be one of the best construction firms in Windsor, and this isn’t over-exaggeration. To ensure that your construction is carried out in a timely and competent manner, we use the most modern, durable technology and complete every project, large or small, to the highest possible standard.

You might be concerned that your everyday life and activities would be disrupted by our team remodelling, expanding or converting around you, but that’s not the case, we’re working with you to arrange our hours to better suit your daily lifestyle whenever possible.

We take care of your home and, as a practise, our company has protective and safety measures to ensure that your flooring, wall space and even furniture are secure and not harmed.

There’s a reason our clients still come back to us to do more work, and that’s because as a family-run company, we’re more like buddies than contractors. We guarantee that you will feel safe, relaxed and at ease while we’re finishing your project.

Get in touch with us today and let’s get started on unleashing the potential of your property.

Builders in Windsor Area

Our builders in Windsor don’t just tailor to whole home builds, we can also perform a variety of different services. For example, loft conversions. There’s plenty of reasons why you should transform your loft area into something more meaningful. You wouldn’t want all of that space to just go unused, right? By converting your loft, you can drastically increase the living space in your home and we here at MT Construction will assess the structural requirements needed. 

So, all you need to worry about is whether you’re going to use it as an office, an extra space, a children’s playroom, or just a peaceful place to go to get a break from the stress of family life, the options are limitless.

Loft conversions are a cost-effective option for creating more space, and at the same time creating space increases the total value of your properties with minimal effort. We are offering one of the best loft conversion services available in the Windsor region.

Get in touch with us today and let’s get started on unleashing the potential of your property.

Best Builders in Windsor

We are known as one of the best construction companies in the region, and many of our clients trust us in their past and present creation of projects. Known for being reliable and effective-you can sit back and watch your property rise in value and appearance.

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